Southern 80

I had a funeral in Echuca on Thursday so I stayed and made a long weekend out of it. The Southern 80 Ski Race was on so thought it would be a good chance to hone my skills in shooting fast moving objects. I mostly shoot with my 5D Mk II but this time I thought it would be good to put my little used 50D to the task. So I loaded it with my 70-200 f2.8L II set servo mode and was pleasantly surprised. I was able to track the fast moving boats with ease and the exposure was as close to perfect as one could expect. I think I actually took a good clean image of every competitor in the Saturday morning races. These are called “social” races for some reason, I don’t see anything social about being towed at such high speeds behind boats with thumping big motors, I think hitting the water at the speeds these boats were going would not be much different than hitting a brick wall. Editorial images and prints can be purchased here (link).