Zimbabwe Orphans

 Last year while in Zimbabwe for my son’s wedding I had the chance to visit a number of orphanages. A large percentage of the Zimbabwe population have AIDS so there is an extraordinary high number of orphans. One of the orphanages we visited was the “Voice of Peace” in Hatcliffe, they currently have almost 50 orphans living in extremely poor conditions, almost half have AIDS. When we first arrived the orphans were very depressed and quite. My wife and myself  were quite upset at their condition. Suzanne, the young lady that was showing us around the orphanages just embraced the children, giving them hugs and kisses, fed them with fresh fruit and then involved them in games. The transformation was surreal, this photo I believe captures a moment of happiness in the midst of despair.  I hope that this image might encourage to make a donation for the Zimbabwe Orphanages.